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As a full-service distributor, Brabner & Hollon has value-added services that in the long run save you time and money:

• Off site warehousing (insured against loss and damage) free of charge
• Local marking of hardware
• Delivery as needed
• Complete installation services
• Fabrication and modification services
• Accountability of all materials
• Elimination of freight claims
• Turnkey, hassle-free project management

It is easy to see the difference when you compare us to drop ship distributors where you have no control over delivery, you’re responsible for 100 percent of the freight damage, accountable for every item, plus you’re hiring an unknown installer who must first identify and mark your hardware.

We’re here when you need us. Brabner & Hollon is your local, full-service provider and we back your project with excellent and complete customer service.

Contractors Benefit from Brabner & Hollon’s

• Free warehousing and site delivery
• Professional installation included
• Full-service fabrication and modification
• In-stock inventory for immediate needs
• Turnkey, hassle-free project management

Owners and Developers Benefit from Brabner & Hollon’s

• Initial project design consultation
• Product presentations
• Costs budgeting
• Guaranteed installation service
• Cost-plus options and allowances
• Full display room with samples

Architects Benefit from Brabner & Hollon’s

• Architectural specification assistance
• Full-service design consultation
• New product presentations
• Free samples

For our architectural clients we have a direct liaison who works with our technical team. We have the ability to write specifications for any size project and the service is free of charge

End Users Benefit from Brabner & Hollon’s

• Hardware replacement
• Professional repair
• Maintenance consulting
• Upgrade advice



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