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Solutions and Service Rooted in Experience

From our humble beginnings, Brabner & Hollon, Inc., has been providing Division 8 and 10 solutions to Southeastern owners, architects, contractors, and end-users. The company was founded by George Brabner in 1954, and in 1980, Jim Hollon purchased the company with a renewed commitment to continually improve upon the services the company provides. 

The Brabner & Hollon team, with over 300 years combined industry experience, is second to none. We’ve been writing hardware specifications, at no charge, in our local market since the day we opened our doors. This has enabled us to provide our customers with tailor-made specifications for all Division 8 and 10 products. When made aware of an upcoming project, we immediately assign the project to a sales team. Using a newly upgraded, totally automated computer system, a sales team will review the hollow metal, wood door and finish hardware items to assure all involved, what is specified is exactly what is intended for the upcoming project.

Aside from our specification assistance, sales and project management abilities, we also have fulltime installation crews on our staff for all products we supply and distribute; thereby eliminating lost material and improperly installed hardware. The use of our full fleet of trucks and trailers allows us to transport material to the jobsite and provide secure storage of it for our customers.

Furthermore, Brabner & Hollon, Inc. is fully licensed and capable of fabricating, modifying and storing material in our vast warehouses until it is required on the jobsite. All material stored on our premises is insured against loss. All contract hardware jobs are broken out and stored in separately marked bins for owner, architect and contractor review. Our staff individually marks all items, and a complete delivery ticket is generated by our automated computer system for customer review upon delivery.

These are just a few of the differences separating Brabner & Hollon, Inc. from the competition. We truly believe customer satisfaction and attention to detail are the keys to success. 

Our next generation of leaders and staff are poised to build upon all these services and qualities as we meet your needs. 

We truly thank you, our customers, for contributing to our success!  We will continue striving, working hard and giving you our maximum EFFORT each and every day!